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Coming on The Clouds of Heaven

Plead For Mercy With Your Judge

Job Questioned His Life

Yahweh Gave. Yahweh Has Taken Back.

Good & Bad. Comfort & Agony.

Your Youth Is Futile

A Time For Killing and Healing

What Good Is All Our Effort?

The Design Stands Out

Do What Is Right To Please God

Always Be Kind

God Remembers Your Fraud

What is Raised Is Imperishable

Faith Without Substance?

You Are My Rock. Guide Me!

God Sent Fiery Serpents

The Body Consists of Many Members

Eat. Drink. Proclaim.

Moses Prays & Saves

Sharing In The Blood of Christ

You're Compelled To Share The Good News

The Genealogy of Jesus

God's Kingdom Is For The Poor

Pot, Porn, Playoffs, and Politicians

Be Evil On The Sabbath?

Impossible To Know God's Will

Be a Spectacle For God

Make God Your Joy

Such a One Will Be Blessed

We're Still Infants In Christ

God is Folly to Fools

His Eyes, Her Hips, His Head, His Soul

Pride Is An Evil Disease With No Cure

Boast of The Lord

Preach The Gospel

Stay Awake

The Bride The Lamb Has Married

About The Coming of Jesus

Suffer To Be Worthy

God Gathers Us All

Stop Attracting Attention

A Valley Full of Bones

Accept The Invitation To The Wedding Feast

Protect or There Will Be No Protection For You

The First Shall Be Last

Die In Adam, Live In Christ

We Are Surrounded By a Great Cloud of Witnesses

All Life Belongs To God

The Creator Made Them Male and Female

Forgive Often

Hold Your Heart Steady...Then Gloat

Eat The Word of God

God's Judgment Comes As Fire

Journey In Faith Like Abraham

The Saints Work For You

Liars Shall Meet With Disaster

Get Behind Me, Satan!

The Power of a Mother's Faith

The Blind Lead The Blind

Jesus Broke Bread and All of Them He Fed

Bow Low and Do Reverence

Herod Suffered For Arresting John

Perhaps They Will Listen and Repent

Cast a Wide Net

Bring Low The Evil Ones

Your Good Works Reward Your Descendants

Have The Faith To Sow

He Wiped Out The Record of Your Debt

Act Right and You're Welcome To Stay

Mary Recognized His Voice

Source of Life. Light of Light.

Say What You Are Commanded

Renounce Your Folly

Just Do What Is Right

Admonish and Instruct In All Wisdom

The Elite Will Plot To Destroy The Good

Mercy Is What Pleases God

Do Not Suffer For Nothing

You Did Not Do That By Your Own Strength

Repent or Regret Your Hard Heart

Pick Up Your Cross To Be Worthy

He Is The Image of God

Woe Is Me! I Am Lost.

Be Cunning As Snakes

He Will Not Destroy Us Again

The Loss of Luxury

Your Idols Will Be Broken To Pieces

Call Me 'My Husband'

See The Marvels of God

The Days of New Wine Are Coming

Slow Down. Honor The Sabbath.

Amos The Infamous

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

You Would Not Come Back To Me

Think or Be Torn Apart

Serve One Another In Love

You Cannot Survive God's Fury

He'll Rescue The Scattered

Someone Greater Is Coming

Do What The Book Says

Enter By The Narrow Gate

Look For God's Signal

Eat As Much As You Want

God Sees The Evil Kings

Save The Innocent

Do Not Be Like Them

Become New Like Elisha

Humble Yourself Like Ahab

Jezebel Has Earned Her Hell

Wisdom Is There From The Beginning

Don't Force Your Peace On Anyone

Why Are You Hiding?

Look and Look and Look For a Sign

Elijah Repaired God's Altar

You Are Light For The World

Rejoice and Be Glad In Persecution

The One Spirit Gives Many Gifts

The Perfect Jealousy of Peter

Festus Hauls Paul to the Hall

To Have God's Love In You

Earn Your Keep. Pull Your Weight.

The Child In My Womb Leapt For Joy

Speak Out Fearlessly

You Will Get What You Deserve

Refute The Oppressors In Public

Be Leery of Law-Loving Leaders

The Time and Date Is Not Ours To Know

God Is Not Designed By Man

The World Is Wrong About Sin

The Humble Will Be Crowned

They Will Confirm Our Ruling

Expect Persecution As He Was Persecuted

To Be Friends, Do What He Commands

God Gave His Holy Spirit To All

The City of God Is United

They Were Accountable To The Church

Love Is Following The Commandments

Love As Jesus Has Loved

Let Someone Else Take Over His Office

He Appeared To Those Who Accompanied Him

No Servant Is Greater Than His Master

He Came To Save, Not Judge

His Sheep Listen and Follow Him

Jesus Explains That He Is The Gate

Stand and Serve God In His Sanctuary

Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?

Eat The Flesh of the Son of Man

Eat This Bread And Never Die

It Is God's Will To Have Jesus Raise You Up

Follow The Traditions They Died To Pass On

You're Only Looking For a Free Lunch

Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Sacrificed

The Magisterium Ordained The Chosen

Jesus Knows How To Feed Us All

Angry Enough To Kill

Wrongdoers Hate The Light

You People Reject Our Evidence

Stand Up To The Devil

The Power to Forgive and Retain Sins

Jesus Reproached Them For Not Believing

They Isolated and Interrogated Them As Criminals

Jesus Helped Them Understand The Scriptures

They Did Not Recognize Jesus

She Did Not Recognize Jesus

The Guards Were Bribed To Lie

Now They Understood the Scripture

They Did Not Believe The Women

God Brought All Our Sins To Bear On Him

He Washed Their Feet

One of You Is About To Betray Me

Jesus Had To Go Where We Could Not

They Decided To Kill Lazarus As Well

They Cast Lots For My Clothing

They Were Determined To Kill Him

You Claim To Be God

Before Abraham Was, I Am

The Son Sets You Free

Lift Up the Son of Man

Young Daniel Asks, 'Are You So Stupid?'

Go and Sin No More

Make The Upright Stand Firm

The Jews of Judaea Sought To Kill Jesus

Do You Exchange Your Glory For Metal?

You Will Be Astonished

Stop Sinning Once You Are Healed

He and His Household Believed

Sit With The Sinners

Jesus Has a Message For The Prideful

You Are To Conceive Jesus

Divided We Fall

Jesus Completes The Law and The Prophets

Stand In The Fire and Pray

All Day Long I Am Taunted

Repent or Perish Like The Galileans

Jesus Must Be In His Father's House

Wretches Receive Wretched Endings

Listen to Moses and the Prophets

To Be Great, Serve

Carry Your Own Weight

I Pleaded With God and Confessed


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