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Don't Be Stupid. Listen AND Act!

Give Thanks and Break Bread

Follow Him Immediately

We Are Not Worthy

Continue Making Progress

The Beast Is Destroyed In The End

The Kingdom of God is Near

Your Prayers Make You Prosperous

Don't Be Found Wanting

God's Kingdom Lasts Forever

Give Until It Hurts

Everyone Will See Him

Live To Be Judged Worthy

Jesus Had Them Hanging On His Every Word

Draw Your Family Away Like Mattathias

Have No Concern For Yourself

Choose a Life and Death of Honor

It's Insane to Profane the Sabbath

Ain't Nobody Knows, So Stop Frontin'

Submit To God To Win

Don't Be Naturally Stupid

The Holy Spirit Is Perfect

Govern As God Governs

Your Work Will Be Tested By Fire

Love God Simply

The Haughty Will Regret Their Life Choices

Risk Your Life For God

Be Confident In Using God's Gifts

We Belong To The Lord

Carry Your Cross Like Jesus

Trust To Understand and Live

Will Your Forehead Be Marked?

Follow God's Instructions To Have Abundance

It Is Impossible For God To Abandon You

Your Haters Are Watching You Closely

Go Away To Pray

The Spirit Knows What You Mean

Glorious Freedom Awaits You

You Are Not Obligated

Set Aside Your Pride and Beg For Pity

How To Always Avoid Condemnation

Your Body Is Doomed

You Are Set Free From Sin

Obey With Your Whole Heart

One Man Can Change The World By His Example

Don't Be Like Alexander

Yahweh Crushed Him With Pain

How To Get Jesus On Your Side

Know The One To Fear

God's Saving Justice Is For...Who?

Persevere In Doing Good

How To Be Abandoned By God

You've Been Set Apart to Serve

How To Have All Good Things Come To You

Hear It. Keep It.

Lie In Sackcloth All Night Long

Who, Me? What Did I Say?

Save Your Rage and Indignation

The Power of Sackcloth and Ashes

Sacrifice and Vow Is How

He Made Them Male and Female

Obey The Angel

We Have Taken To Serving Alien Gods

Enjoy Yourself Fully

The Great Dragon Loses

All Make Their Home In You

He Hears The Prayers of the Destitute

Remove The Millstone

Ask So You Will Know What To Do

Get To Work To Be Courageous

Children Are a Reward From God

What Does Your Faith Exempt You From?

Be Ashamed Like Ezra

Be Like Matthew and Give It All Up

Take Care How You Listen

Wicked Test The Upright With Cruelty

Listen, Learn, Discern, Produce

Be Upright and Religious To Persevere

Fear of God is The Root of Wisdom

He Hates Those Who Serve Useless Idols

All Knees Shall Bend

There Is Only One God

Act Out Your Faith

Christ Came To Save Sinners Like You

Become an Optometrical Lumberjack

The Goats and Sheep Will Be Separated

Of Her The Christ Was Born

Be Rooted In Jesus

Be Happy In Your Suffering

Your Standards Are Corrupt

God Will Sustain You

All Fullness Is Found In Him

Jesus Says, Simon Does

The Power of Touch

Live Inspection-Ready

Act Like You Have Hope

Not Stirred Nor Shaken

Worthless Servants Suffer

The Foolish and the Sensible

Meet Face to Face to Grow In Faith

Woe To The Corrupt Hypocrites

Recruit Like Philip

Are You Twice As Fit For Hell?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Stop The Lies

Boaz Chose Ruth Because of Her Goodness

The Pharisees Seek To Test Jesus

Dress For Your Wedding With Jesus

Put Your Trust In God To Lead Greatly

Leave It All Behind To Receive It All

God Took Pity On Them When They Cried Out

A Woman Robed With The Sun

Yahweh Is The One We Mean To Serve!

Some Pharisees Put Jesus To The Test

Have Pity On Everyone You Meet

Engage The Wrongdoers

To Be Honored, Serve

Do Not Be The Downfall of Others

Be Strengthened For The Journey

The One You Must Serve

The Transfiguration

Moses and Aaron Throw Themselves on Their Faces

Woe To Perverse Communities

Learn From Miriam and Aaron’s Pain

Choose Hungry Freedom

Stop Being Empty-Headed

Herod Allowed Himself To Be Tricked

We Don't Listen To God

God Is With You On Every Step of Your Journey

The Skin of His Face Was Radiant

Moses Had His Tent of Meeting

God Has Sworn To David

Call On Him From The Heart

Let Thanksgiving Be Your Sacrifice

Set Your Heart On God

David Is So In Love

Approach God’s Presence

They Sank Like Lead In The Terrible Waters

Keep Calm. God's In Da Fight!

You’re Not That Guy, Pal

Keep The Vigil As God Did

Sacrifice The Unblemished Male

Compelled By a Mighty Hand

Wisdom Is Revealed To The Children

He Reproached The Towns He Helped

He Comes To Bring a Sword

Shake Off The Dust

The Evil You Planned God Turned To Good

Brother Will Betray Brother

Proclaim As You Go

The Names of the Twelve

Show Your Strength and Prevail

Know That God Is In This Place

They Would Not Accept Him

I Refuse To Believe

Jesus Ate With Sinners (Lucky You!)

They Have Mouths But Say Nothing

God Heard Hagar's Cry

Peter and Paul Repent Then Lead

Fish or Cut Bait

You Were Created For Immortality

Sarah Laughed and Lied

Kings Shall Issue From Sarah

A Wonder Am I, Like John The Baptist

The Trance of Abram

Abram Was Blessed

Abraham Was 75 When God Called Him

Have You Still No Faith?

Boast of Your Weakness

Store Up The Real Treasure

Fight The Snake To Stay In Faith

Be Strong, Silent, and Smile

Overflow In Generosity

Accept His Grace and Get To Work

Make It Your Goal To Please Him

God Reconciled The World To Himself Through Christ

God, Himself, Taught Us To Walk

Find Freedom In The Spirit

Competently Use Your Competence

His Nature Is All Yes

As The Sufferings Overflow

Take It. This Is My Body.

The Angels Make Offerings For You

I Can See You, My Son!

Don't Dig a Grave. Pray.

Pray Through The Sadness and The Tears

Hot Droppings...In Your Eye!

All Generations Will Call Me Blessed

How To Live Long and Prosper

Observe Them To Have Great Reward

Praise Illustrious Men

To Live Better, Speak Better

Israel, The First-Born

Give a Coke and With a Smile

Turn Away From Iniquity

Seek The Breath That Began Your Life

Shut Up and Get In The Car

Join The Mighty Warriors

Choose The Chaos of Truth

The God of Israel Gives Strength and Power

God Smashes The Heads of Our Enemies


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