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Ministers of a New Covenant

God's Instructions Are Wonderful

Be Encouraged By Your Hardships

God Frees Us From Slavery

Pay More Than What Is Owed

Your Mother Misses You

Get Up and Pray

Your Prayers Find Favor

Stay Humble and Love

Tobit Buried The Forgotten

Seek God In The Morning

Pray For Wisdom Always

Set the Example For Your Descendants

God Creates All Things In Pairs

God Is There With You

Give Generously To The Lord

Mother of All Who Live

They All Gathered Together

The Rumor Spread

Paul Appealed To Caesar

How Do You Handle Disputes?

You Are Sent Into The World As He Was

Paul Sent For The Elders

Sing and Dance To God

There Is No Shame For Suffering

Love Jesus As Mary Loves Him

Do The Job Right

Wait For The Promise

Paul Instructed Silas and Timothy

Let Your Captors Hear You Singing

Open Your Heart Like Lydia

Then They Laid Hands On Them

Move Quickly When Called

Lay Down Your Life

Why Do You Put God To The Test?

They Gave an Account To The Elders

I Am Going Away and Shall Return

Have The Faith To Be Cured

You Still Do Not Know Me?

Convert The Remotest Parts of the Earth

He Was Guilty of Nothing

God Cares For You In The Desert

He Appeared To Me Last

They Preached To The Greeks

God Came To Save The Gentiles

God Made Him Lord and Christ

Peter Raised Tabitha

Why Are You Persecuting Me?

Tell Me What the Bible Means

They Unanimously Welcomed Philip's Message

Suffer Only For a Little While

They Put Up False Witnesses

But God Raised Him To Life

The Members Stepped Up

Flogged and Chided

They Were So Infuriated

Their Zeal Made The Guards Behave

Believe Him When He Speaks

Proclaim His Word Fearlessly

With One Heart They Prayed

What Are We Going To Do With These Men?

Testify Boldly Like Peter

Everyone Ran In Great Excitement

What Are You Hoping To Get?

Do Not Cling To Me

They Witnessed The Resurrection

So Many Witnesses

Offer Your Only Son

He Was Despised

Eat The Roasted Flesh

Insulted For Having Zeal For God

Jesus Was Deeply Disturbed

Watch Out For Smooth-Talking Thieves

Jealousy Killed Jesus

The Eternal Sanctuary Among Us

I Shall See Your Vengeance

They Tried to Stone Jesus

No Answer Needed

You Will Die In Your Sin

Your Lie Recoils On Your Own Head

Do Not Live By Your Natural Inclinations

Make No Secret of His Love

Evil Hates Holy

So My Anger Can Blaze

He Turns Mountains Into Smooth Roads

Make Them Wholesome

God's Covenant Is Firm

David Seized By God's Spirit

Do Wrong, Get The Rod

He Loves Us With All His Heart

They Did Not Listen

Observe The Laws and Customs

We Now Have No Leader

Arrogance Sent Him Off In a Rage

Moses Knew How To Deal With Ingrates

Grant Us To See Wonders

They Made a Plot To Kill Him

Who Can Pierce Our Devious Hearts?

The Evil Plot Against The Good

Do Not Seek Seats of Honor

We Ignored Your Servants

God Watches Over and Protects Those Who Fear Him

Observe His Laws and Customs

Renounce and Respect

Turn Our Mourning Into Gladness

Renounce Your Evil Ways

He Always Answers You

His Words Are Sweeter Than Honey

The Woman Answered The Snake

Call the Sabbath Delightful

Proclaim Their Rebellious Acts

You Will Most Certainly Perish

Call The People Together

Do Not Be Alarmed

One Only Is Wise

Be Holy As God Is Holy

God Created By His Word

Build To Heaven?

All Placed In Your Hands

Noah Built An Altar To God

Noah Did As God Commanded

She Conceived and Gave Birth

Choose Fire or Water

He Banished The Man

Did God Really Say?

God Made Adam a Helper

Take Care of What You've Been Given

Male and Female He Created Them

God Saw That It Was Good

Your Light Must Shine

Go Be Alone

Remove Avarice From Your Life

He Freed Us From Slavery

Your Father Is Training You

Persevere Against Opposition

Cut Off From His Sight

Seek Yahweh For Shelter

He Had The Mark of Death on Him

Own What Is Lasting

God Is Trustworthy

Receive Your Sight

A Reflection of the Good

His Own Blood

Darkness Comes With Distress

The Blood of Christ

The New Covenant

Holy, Innocent, Uncontaminated

He Remains a Priest Forever

God Sees You and Remembers

Learn Obedience Through Suffering

Grace and Peace To You

He Has Been Put To The Test

Pick Up Your Stretcher

Make Not Your Heart Wicked

He Was Made Completely Like Us

His Death Should Benefit All Humanity

God Was With Him

Lift Up Your Eyes and Look Around

Judge Deadly Sin?

Overcome The World

Hate Your Brother?

Who Is a Child of God?

The Might In The Upright

To Deny The Son Is To Deny The Father

This Is How To Be Blessed

Bear Witness To The Light

The Blessings of Honoring Your Father and Mother

Live In God's Perfect Love

Live in Light

Seeing Is Believing

You Will Be Brought Before Murderers

The Beautiful Messenger Announcing Peace

He Will Make You a Dynasty

He Sits As a Refiner and Purifier

God Humbles and Exalts

Believe Like Mary

Do Not Try God's Patience

He Is God's From Womb to Tomb

The Son of God Comes Through A Sinner

Solomon's Parents Were Adulterers

Act With Justice

The Least Is The Greatest

God Formed The Heavens To Be Lived In

A Humble and Lowly People

When God's Word Disturbs You

Be Patient Until The Lord's Coming

On The Fire Like Dung

Reject The Advice of the Wicked

Have You Done What I Forbade?

Strength To The Weary

The Grass Withers, The Flower Fades

The Fool Strays Away

Upright and Constant

Save As Many Souls As You Can

Erring Spirits Will Learn To Understand

Act On His Word

Fishers of Men

He Will Strike With His Rod

The Outsider's Greatest Faith

The End of War and Strife


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