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The Time and Date Is Not Ours To Know

God Is Not Designed By Man

The World Is Wrong About Sin

The Humble Will Be Crowned

They Will Confirm Our Ruling

Expect Persecution As He Was Persecuted

To Be Friends, Do What He Commands

God Gave His Holy Spirit To All

The City of God Is United

They Were Accountable To The Church

Love Is Following The Commandments

Love As Jesus Has Loved

Let Someone Else Take Over His Office

He Appeared To Those Who Accompanied Him

No Servant Is Greater Than His Master

He Came To Save, Not Judge

His Sheep Listen and Follow Him

Jesus Explains That He Is The Gate

Stand and Serve God In His Sanctuary

Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?

Eat The Flesh of the Son of Man

Eat This Bread And Never Die

It Is God's Will To Have Jesus Raise You Up

Follow The Traditions They Died To Pass On

You're Only Looking For a Free Lunch

Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Sacrificed

The Magisterium Ordained The Chosen

Jesus Knows How To Feed Us All

Angry Enough To Kill

Wrongdoers Hate The Light

You People Reject Our Evidence

Stand Up To The Devil

The Power to Forgive and Retain Sins

Jesus Reproached Them For Not Believing

They Isolated and Interrogated Them As Criminals

Jesus Helped Them Understand The Scriptures

They Did Not Recognize Jesus

She Did Not Recognize Jesus

The Guards Were Bribed To Lie

Now They Understood the Scripture

They Did Not Believe The Women

God Brought All Our Sins To Bear On Him

He Washed Their Feet

One of You Is About To Betray Me

Jesus Had To Go Where We Could Not

They Decided To Kill Lazarus As Well

They Cast Lots For My Clothing

They Were Determined To Kill Him

You Claim To Be God

Before Abraham Was, I Am

The Son Sets You Free

Lift Up the Son of Man

Young Daniel Asks, 'Are You So Stupid?'

Go and Sin No More

Make The Upright Stand Firm

The Jews of Judaea Sought To Kill Jesus

Do You Exchange Your Glory For Metal?

You Will Be Astonished

Stop Sinning Once You Are Healed

He and His Household Believed

Sit With The Sinners

Jesus Has a Message For The Prideful

You Are To Conceive Jesus

Divided We Fall

Jesus Completes The Law and The Prophets

Stand In The Fire and Pray

All Day Long I Am Taunted

Repent or Perish Like The Galileans

Jesus Must Be In His Father's House

Wretches Receive Wretched Endings

Listen to Moses and the Prophets

To Be Great, Serve

Carry Your Own Weight

I Pleaded With God and Confessed

Destined To Be Lost

Observe His Instructions & Be Blessed

But With You Is Forgiveness

Just Ask God

Repent or be Judged by Nineveh

Forgive To Be Forgiven

Be Just In Administering Justice

Tested For 40 Days In The Desert

Levi Left Everything To Follow Jesus

The Fast That Pleases God

How To Live and Grow Numerous

Order a Fast, Proclaim a Solemn Assembly

Receive 100 Times More

Everything Is Possible In God

Your Work In God Is Always Fruitful

Save Another, Save Yourself

It's Because of Your Hard Heart

Prosperity Makes People Dumb

You Cannot Pay Your Own Ransom To God

Peter Is The Rock

'If you can?' Ha!

Love Your Enemies

Your Tongue Infects Your Body

Your Work Proves Your Faith

Jesus Rips the Tape Off

Practice a Pure, Unspoiled Religion

Persevere and Be Blessed

The Pharisees Demanded a Sign

Is Your Faith Pointless?

Jeroboam Sinned To Save His Throne

Always Admire God

Solomon Angered God

Your Heart Determines Your Cleanliness

Pray In God’s House To Be Forgiven

Fight To Touch Him

Simon Humbled Himself Before Jesus

Receive Countless Blessings By Not Seeking Them

David Called on the Lord Most High

Be Careful How You Behave

Mary's Soul Was Pierced

Absalom Died For His Hair

They Were Afraid of the Calm

Jesus Enraged The Obstinate

Your Sin Kills Your Children

Your Washing Will Take Time

Make a Place For God

Jesus Explains What He Meant

All Nations Praise Him!

The Scribes Were Not Wise

Celebrate The Sacred Sabbath

The Benefit of a Strong Spirit

He’ll Treat You Like a Dead Dog

The Unclean Spirits Recognized Jesus

David Cut Off His Head

The Pharisees Were Rats

Why God Rejects You

Do Whatever He Tells You

I Came To Call Sinners

Go Home, You Fools

Be Men and Fight

Listen Like Samuel and Be Blessed

Hannah Rejoices In Her Deliverance

Hannah Was Taunted For Being Barren

Heaven Opened After The Baptism of Jesus

The Joy of The Bridegroom's Friend

God, If You Are Willing, Please Cleanse Me

It Is All Coming True

Their Minds Were Closed

They Were Like Sheep Without a Shepherd

Those In Darkness Have Seen a Great Light

The Wise Pay Homage To The King

Jesus Was Spiritual and Religious

Jesus Was Not Accepted

Your Sins Have Been Forgiven

Prove You're Not a Liar With Your Actions

Herod Was a Baby-Killing Amateur

The Word of Life Is Our Theme

Wives, Be Subject To Your Husbands

The Light of Men Has Come Into Being

Zechariah Spoke Up

They Shared Her Joy

God Routs The Arrogant

Of All Women You Are The Most Blessed

You Must Name Him Jesus

Mary Sought To Serve

Mary Is How Jesus Came To Be Born

Render Him Obedience

Why Do You Thwart God's Plan?

Tell John What You Have Seen

Which Did The Father's Will?

And Who Gave You This Authority?

Always Be Joyful

The Son of Man Will Suffer Similarly

You Can't Please 'Em All

John Is Great...But He's Nobody

The Virgin's Name Was Mary

Where Have All The Men Gone?

God Does Not Want You Lost

Your Actions Show Your Faith

Accept a Baptism of Repentance

No Shepherd, No Peace

Take Pity On Us, Jesus!

Don't Be Stupid. Listen AND Act!

Give Thanks and Break Bread

Follow Him Immediately

We Are Not Worthy

Continue Making Progress

The Beast Is Destroyed In The End

The Kingdom of God is Near

Your Prayers Make You Prosperous

Don't Be Found Wanting

God's Kingdom Lasts Forever

Give Until It Hurts

Everyone Will See Him

Live To Be Judged Worthy

Jesus Had Them Hanging On His Every Word

Draw Your Family Away Like Mattathias

Have No Concern For Yourself

Choose a Life and Death of Honor

It's Insane to Profane the Sabbath

Ain't Nobody Knows, So Stop Frontin'

Submit To God To Win

Don't Be Naturally Stupid

The Holy Spirit Is Perfect

Govern As God Governs

Your Work Will Be Tested By Fire


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