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Levi Left Everything To Follow Jesus

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | March 5, 2022

From today’s reading...

When he went out after this, he noticed a tax collector, Levi by name, sitting at the tax office, and said to him, ‘Follow me.’ And leaving everything Levi got up and followed him.” Luke 5:27-28

I’ve had the great pleasure in life to deal with government tax extortionists on a couple of occasions in my business dealings over the years. One was from the IRS. One was from the People’s Republic of Kalifornia.

The IRS staff were actually reasonable, and things worked out in my favor.

The money mob from Kalifornia was petty, vindictive, incompetent, and drunk with power, yet, that encounter also worked out in my favor.

So it seems those placed in power to confiscate the earnings of their hard-working, productive, non-parasitic neighbors have always abused that power, at least for the last 2,000 years or so, which makes today’s reading all the more impactful. 

Levi had great power and wealth as a tax collector.

To walk away from that comfortable but corrupt life immediately upon hearing the call of Jesus is a powerful example to us that it is never too late to turn our lives around by accepting the call of Jesus, which is the only way to...

Stay the course.
Keep the faith.

Now go sell something.

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Written by Wes Schaeffer

Wes is husband of 25 years, father of 7, an Air Force veteran, purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, author of two books, a certified partner with HubSpot, Keap, and Ontraport, master of straight talk, efficiency, and sales. If you want to upgrade, ramp up and create more clients the easy way, reach out to Wes and say hello.


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