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Govern As God Governs

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | November 10, 2021

From today’s reading...

hear this, you who govern great populations, taking pride in your hosts of subject nations! For sovereignty is given to you by the Lord and power by the Most High, who will himself probe your acts and scrutinise your intentions.” Wisdom 6:2-3

Yesterday we read in 1 Corinthians how God will test our work in fire, and today, we see how those in leadership will also be watched and judged by God Himself.

As a fatally-flawed, sinful man who is trying to figure out what the heck is going on, I take comfort in knowing that many politicians flapping their gums and robbing us blind will one day have to answer for their abuse of power.

Still, a good man, a holy man, a pious man would pray for them and their predecessors.

God did not make us to live apart from Him and suffer for all eternity.

When you take joy in the suffering of others, you’re no better than the piggish president, the slothful senator, the reprehensible representative, or the greedy governor.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t fight them in the political arena to lessen their damage and remove them from office so a more honorable person can replace them. However, we should still pray for them and ourselves, should we ever enter a leadership role, which is the only way to...

Stay the course.
Keep the faith.

Now go sell something.

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Written by Wes Schaeffer

Wes is husband of 25 years, father of 7, an Air Force veteran, purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, author of two books, a certified partner with HubSpot, Keap, and Ontraport, master of straight talk, efficiency, and sales. If you want to upgrade, ramp up and create more clients the easy way, reach out to Wes and say hello.


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